Selasa, 19 Mac 2013

Mahasiswa UiTM Turun Padang-Polisi Transformasi

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Kapit: 16/6/2012
UITM SARAWAK students on “Mahasiswa  UiTM turun padang:Polisi Negara penggerak  Transformasi in collaboration with Komuniti  Bestari 1  Malaysia.
A group of   43 UITM Sarawak students recently paid a visit to Rh Emak in Sungai Sut on a mission  “Mahasiswa UiTM turun padang – Polisi Transformasi in collaboration with Komuniti Bestari 1 Malaysia.  On hand to welcome them was no other than Mr Wilson Ugak Kumbong; a much taunted Barisan Nasional candidate to replace 5 terms incumbent Datuk Billy Abit for the P216 Hulu Rajang. In his welcoming speech, he thanked and gave credit to the leader of the group led by lecturer, Lt Col Saiful Anuar Md  Ali for their efforts in promoting Higher Education Opportunities among students from the rural area. He also advised the people in Sut area to continue supporting Barisan Nasional candidate in the coming election PRU 13 which is expected to be held soon as the present government has proven to be the best government is fulfilling promises by providing all necessities and facilities to upgrade the standard of living. Unlike the opposition, who only know how to make empty promises and they will disappear when election is over. Just look at the issue of Klinik Kesihatan Nanga Bena that was reopen recently after a lapse of 4 years to cater for the heath needs of the people in Sg Sut that comprise of 22 longhouses. This shows that the present government is very sensitive and care for its people.  In response to his call, all the longhouses chiefs and those present promised to throw their full support behind Wilson Ugak  in the coming PRU-13.
 Besides that, the other objective was to promote ideas and promoting Komuniti Bestari 1 Malaysia concept as Rh Emak is one of the few longhouses being adopted by Kapit Divisional Information Office under this programme.  The group of students were from the Faculty Of Administrative Science & Policy Studies: Bachelor of Administrative Science. While there, the students participated in various activities and games to foster greater rapport with the longhouse folks.
Among those present were  a political secretary to CM; Mr Wilson Nyabong Ijang, Timbalan Residen Kapit; Mr Mohd Ikhmal,Mr Koh Kumbong; Kapit Divisional Information Officer, Mr Dominic Chunggat; Acting Divisional Agriculture Officer, Penghulu Nyenggat Sabang, komunities leaders and PRS supporters.